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Why Workers’ Comp Adjusters Work to Deny Your Claim

Insurance adjusters deny legitimate workers’ comp claims to ensure the insurance company can keep its bottom line healthy. This forces many honest, hardworking, and innocent employees to pay for their medical bills, medication, and rehabilitation. The bills can set them back thousands of dollars in debt. This is where an experienced and dedicated Hanover Park workers’ compensation attorney can prove invaluable.

The US Insurance Industry Doesn’t Want You to Claim Workers’ Comp Insurance

The insurance industry has trillions of dollars in assets. Their CEOs are some of the highest-paid compared to other industries. However, this doesn't stop them from engaging in unethical behavior and tricks that can help them deny claims and boost their bottom line at their policy holder's expense.

Here are some of the ways they try and line their pockets:

By Denying Claims

The nation's biggest insurance companies, such as AIG and State Farm, pay insurance adjusters top dollar to deny workers’ compensation claims. They also replace employees who refuse to follow suit and are not opposed to fraud, so they don't have to pay.

Delaying Until Death

Insurance companies have no qualms about delaying claims till their policyholders give up. This includes locking paperwork away in safes, especially for elderly or long-term insurers who cannot confront them because of their ailing health. The company just has to wait till its policyholders die, and they can keep all of the money they owe.

Confusing Consumers

There is a reason why insurance contracts seem incomprehensible. While most other industries opt for simple and consumer-friendly language, insurance companies deliberately add obscure clauses in their contracts so they can get out of paying claims even for covered individuals.

Top Reasons Why Your Workers’ Comp Claim Could be Denied

Some of the common reasons why a claims adjuster can deny your workers’ comp claim include the following:

There are no witnesses

If others did not witness your injury, the insurance company might deny your claim. It may seem unfair, but they deny claims routinely because of this. Prevent this from happening by reporting your injury to your supervisor as quickly as possible and letting other employees know about it.

You delayed in reporting your injuries

Adjusters often doubt workers who report their injuries late. In this case, they may think that the worker was faking his injuries or was injured elsewhere. Prevent this by filling out an accident report soon after the accident, even if you think you weren't injured. Symptoms of traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries can take time to manifest

Your medical records claim you were intoxicated

If your post-accident medical records claim that you were inebriated during the accident, your claim may be denied. Drugs and alcohol intoxication will be your fault, not your employer's fault.

Get the Compensation You Deserve With Help from I Am Calling My Lawyer

If your workers’ compensation was denied without reason and your employer is not helping, hire an experienced Hanover Park workers’ compensation attorney from I Am Calling My Lawyer today. We have over 50 years of experience representing hardworking employees like you receive the compensation they deserve, so they don't have to pay out of pocket. We are not afraid to go to trial if it comes to it. Get in touch with us for a consultation by dialing (888) 841-4878.

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