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What Is a ‘Defective Product’ in a Product Liability Case?

You don’t purchase products and expect them to injure you. However, this can happen if you unfortunately end up getting a faulty product. Some companies cut corners on quality to save costs and end up pushing such items to stores without checking if they are safe. The victims in this case are innocent consumers.

Under Illinois law such companies can be held accountable for pushing such products. However, if you wish to file a claim, you’ll need to prove the product is defective.

What is a ‘Defective Product?’

A ‘product’ can be goods, electrical components, or a part of another product. If the raw material that is used to make a product is defective, both their manufacturers can be held liable for the harm their products cause.

A defective product is one that can not only cause physical harm but also damage property. The damage to property is not what someone would expect since they don’t know there is a problem with the item in question.

To determine its safety, the court considers several elements such as:

  • The instructions and warnings on the product package.
  • Aspects of the marketing of the product.
  • What could have been done to ensure the product was safe.

In some cases, the damage from a defective product can be quite minor, but it can be downright devastating in other cases. Some people may suffer from severe allergic reactions from a problematic product. Similarly, a choking hazard on a toy that is meant for toddlers may lead to tragic consequences.

Product liability cases can get quite complicated and determining if the company was responsible for its defective nature can be harrying, to say the least. Naturally, they will do everything in their power to refute your claim. They can lose millions in damages otherwise. Your claim is more vulnerable than you think, especially if you don’t have a competent, dedicated, and experienced attorney in your corner.

At I Am Calling My Lawyer, we are dedicated when it comes to ensuring our clients receive the compensation they deserve no matter who we are facing. With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, we have expertise in not only product liability cases, but also worker’s compensation and personal injury cases. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a defective product, get in touch with us for a consultation in Schaumburg, Illinois today.

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