What Are The Most Common Birth Injuries?

If you had a baby recently and thought there was a birth injury, you could have a medical malpractice claim. First, learn about the most common birth injuries below. Then, speak to a birth defect lawyer in Schaumburg at I Am Calling My Lawyer.

What Is A Birth Injury?

Sometimes when a child is born at  St. Alexius Medical Center or Northwest Community Hospital, the baby may suffer an injury that is caused during the birthing process. In some cases, birth injuries are unavoidable, but sometimes the doctor or medical facility is negligent. Some signs of a birth injury are:

  • Bruising or head swelling
  • Bleeding below one of the skull bones
  • Blood vessel breakage in the eyes of the baby
  • Facial nerve damage
  • Nerve injuries to the arms and hands
  • Collarbone or clavicle fractures

Common Birth Injuries

Some of the most common birth injuries that may be caused by medical malpractice are:


A fracture of the collarbone is one of the most birthing injuries. It often happens during a challenging delivery. However, it can happen because of a medical error. While many of these fractures heal quickly, some may take months to recover.

Forceps Marks And Bruising

Some babies suffer bruising during birth naturally. However, the baby also could have bruises from the forceps or another medical instrument.

Subcon Junctival Hemorrhage

This injury can happen when the tiny blood vessel’s in a baby’s eyes burst. As a result, you may notice redness in the baby’s eyes for a few days after birth. While this injury is often minor, it can occasionally lead to vision problems and even blindness.


The baby may have a raised lump a few hours after birth. It happens when bleeding under the cranial bones. Some little ones may get jaundice and more severe complications if the injury is more significant than normal.

Brachial Palsy

The brachial plexus is a set of nerves that control the hands and arms. If brachial palsy occurs during birth, this critical group of nerves is damaged. For example, this may happen when there are problems with getting the baby’s shoulders out of the birth canal.

Brachial plexus injuries can occur if the doctor does not handle this issue correctly. You should talk to a birth injury lawyer if the baby has difficulty moving its arms and hands after birth.


Sometimes a newborn may be dropped during the birthing process or in the nursery right after birth. Drops of infants can lead to minor or severe injuries depending on the situation.

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