Things Not To Do While On Workers’ Compensation

Workers' compensation in Illinois is a no-fault system. This means you don't have to prove that your employer did anything wrong or are liable for your injuries to get benefits. You need to confirm that your injuries are job-related. However, Schaumburg workers' compensation lawyers will tell you that you need to be extra cautious even when you are on workers' compensation as you heal from your injuries.

What You Shouldn't Do While On Workers' Compensation

Here are some of the top mistakes you should avoid while you are on workers' compensation, irrespective of the extent of your injuries:

Mistake #1 – Exaggerating or faking injuries

While it may be tempting to exaggerate an illness or injury to get more benefits, it can backfire. If your doctor or employer finds out, your benefits may end, and you may also be fired. Physicians who specialize in workers' comp evaluations can reveal the deception quickly. Those results will go straight to the insurance adjuster, and you may be labeled as a 'malingerer,' i.e., someone who fakes their condition to get benefits.

The label will weaken your claim and may also get it dismissed. Since insurance fraud is illegal in all states, you may even face a prison sentence.

Mistake #2 – Accepting the doctor provided by the insurance company

If you accept the doctor your employer sends you to, you may not get the best treatment or evaluation. Contrary to popular belief, you can choose your doctor after you get injured on the job, even if there is one on staff. Choose a doctor who will have YOUR best interests at heart, not your employer's. Not even the insurance company can force you to use a doctor on retainer if you don't want to. Plus, make sure they are certified to handle workers' compensation claims.

Mistake #3 – Failing to file Form IC01

One of the first things Schaumburg workers' compensation lawyers will tell you is to file a Form IC01. The form governs when a worker can pursue a claim. It is different from the notice you give your employer of the accident. You need to file the form with the Workers' Compensation Commission to protect your right to compensation.

Failure to do so can stop your claim after a specific time. The claim duration can differ for different injured workers. While you have three years to get those benefits in Illinois, there may be exceptions. The form will let your employer and the Commission know that you are pursuing benefits so the process can start. Otherwise, you may have to pay out of pocket to cover medical expenses you cannot afford.

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