Is There A Damages Calculator For Personal Injury Claims?

The first thing on your mind after you sustain an injury is how much your injury claim is worth. You can use online calculators for a ballpark figure, but those aren't that accurate. A damages calculator can only provide a broad estimate of your claim’s worth. Chicago personal injury lawyers can determine a precise sum after evaluating your case.

What is a Damages Calculator?

Insurance companies use damages calculators to determine the value of personal injury claims. The details are used as values in the equation, and they use them to come up with an amount they believe you deserve for your injuries. This can be high or low based on your injuries and sustained damages.

You can use online services with personal injury calculators, but they offer just estimates. The values they use differ from those used by insurance companies, and the compensation amount may be far off.

The Personal Injury Settlement Formula

A damages calculator uses a personal injury settlement formula based on economic and non-economic damages. The former is easy to calculate, but the latter is trickier to estimate since it is based on pain and suffering. Some of the factors used include:

Property Damage

It could be your car if someone rammed into it as you were waiting at a stop sign.

Medical Expenses

The medical expenses you had to cover because of your accident. This includes charges for medical treatments, surgeries, medication, therapies, and medical devices.

Future Medical Costs

If your injuries require regular physical therapy sessions or other treatments on an ongoing basis, those costs will also be considered.

Lost Earnings and Future Income

If you had to heal or recuperate at home or in the hospital for a few days after your accident, you could seek compensation for the wage loss. Future income is also calculated if your injuries are severe enough to prevent you from working or make you change your job.

General Damages Multiplier

A multiplier determines non-economic damages for a personal injury case. The more severe your condition, the higher the amount. Licensed and trained Chicago personal injury lawyers can calculate this accurately.

The Issue with Damages Calculators

While they are a convenient way to calculate potential settlement amounts, personal injury calculators are not entirely accurate. These do not consider essential details of an individual injury case, such as your job, lifestyle, and the type of treatments available to you.

For instance, a white-collar employee with a broken foot and a football player with the same injury will not have the same settlement results. But the latter will have more money to lose while recovering as they miss games. Depending on the extent of the injury, they may also have to change professions.

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