How To Stay Safe Riding in the Bike Lane on Busy Roads

A bike lane is not accident-free. Whether protected by a barrier or exposed, these lanes are still traffic lanes. Pay attention to other vehicles on the road and follow the rules so you can make smart decisions. If you sustained injuries from another car on the road, don't hesitate to contact Elk Grove Village bicycle accident lawyers to recover damages.

How to Stay Safe in the Bike Lane

Your bicycle may be a minimalistic mode of transportation, but it is still a vehicle. Here are some ways you can remain safe in your designated lane:

Staying Safe in Exposed Bike Lanes

Exposed bike lanes don’t have a barrier cordoning off bikers from other vehicles on the road. Here are some ways you can remain safe in one:

  • Watch out for opening car doors
    Watch out for opening doors of parked cars next to the bike lane. Even if the passenger isn’t careful, you should practice due diligence and be ready to stop or swerve out of the way.
  • Turn right carefully
    You have two options. You can move into a car lane to turn right into an intersecting street and come to a stop on the right side. Only cross when the signal turns or when the road is safe.
  • Watch out for vehicles turning right
    Make sure that drivers can see you clearly in the exposed lane. Even though you will be next to them, they can still miss you, so be cautious when approaching an intersection.

Staying Safe in Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes are shielded by parked cars, posts, curbs, and barriers from moving traffic, but that doesn't mean bicyclists are safe. Here are some ways you can avoid accidents in one:

  • Be cautious when leaving protected lanes
    Be extra careful when you have to go around obstacles, turn left, or around when you are leaving this lane. You may ride right in the way of oncoming traffic.
  • Watch out for cars turning right
    Protected bike lanes are usually designed to be highly visible to other drivers. However, some distracted drivers may still miss them or forget that there is a barrier they need to avoid. Ensure you are not 'hooked' onto their cars by being careful when you turn right or into intersections.
  • Ride in the center
    Ride in the center of the protected bike lane. This way, you can avoid puddles, rocks, and debris that can cause you to fly over the handlebars.

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