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How Much Can I Receive For An Auto Accident Injury?

If you have been in a car accident in Illinois, proving who was at fault and hiring a car accident lawyer in Schaumburg should be your top priority. If the other person was at fault, their insurance company is typically responsible for paying for repairs for the victim. Plus, the at-fault individual is also responsible for paying for:

Your Pain and Suffering

‘Pain and suffering’ is a legal term that is applied to victims of car accidents and it applies to the numerous injuries they may suffer because of an accident. Besides physical pain, this can also include the mental and emotional turmoil you went through such as grief, anxiety, depression, and general loss of enjoyment in life.

To determine the compensation you should receive, your car accident lawyer in Schaumburg will multiply it with your medical expenses along with your loss of income.

Medical Expenses

These can include costs for surgery, wheelchairs, walkers, x-rays, hospital visits, lab tests, ambulance, and other medical treatments.

Loss of income – If you cannot work because of your injuries, you have the right to be compensated for the wages you lose. This includes job opportunities you would not have missed were it not for your pain and suffering.

Comparative Negligence Law

However, not all cases are cut and dry. If fault cannot be established clearly, claims adjusters and attorneys for both parties will examine physical and circumstantial evidence to determine fault. Some of these can include police reports, eye witness testimonies, vehicle damage, repair costs, medical bills, and pictures of the scene of the accident.

This is where Illinois’s comparative negligence law comes in. The law compensates for car accident injuries in proportion to fault. In other words, if you are involved in a car accident you don’t need to prove that the other driver was at fault to receive compensation.

For instance, if a jury determines that you were only 30% at fault and the other driver was 70% at fault, you deserve to get 70% of the total amount that may be awarded as compensation to you for your injuries. However, if you are found to be more than 50% at fault, you cannot recover damages.

Statute Of Limitations

Just make sure you file your case on time with help from a car accident lawyer in Schaumburg. If you file a complaint more than two years after the accident, your claim will be rejected by the court.

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