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How Is Personal Injury Compensation Calculated For Permanent Back Injury?

If you have injured your back at work and are recuperating at home or in the hospital, you don’t have to pay for your medical bills out of pocket. A workplace back injury is covered under Workers’ Compensation, so your employer should foot the bill. If they refuse to do so, you can hire a Schaumburg back injury lawyer and sue for damages.

Getting Personal Injury Compensation for a Back Injury

When it comes to compensation for back injuries, there is no set amount that you may get. Every injury is unique, so the compensation you get will vary. Each back injury claim is calculated as per compensable losses such as:

Economic Damages

Also known as 'special damages, these refer to quantifiable financial losses that can arise from your back injury. This can include:

Medical bills (past and future)

This compensation will differ as per the severity of your injuries. It can cover herniated disc repair, MRIs, imaging exams, physical therapy, etc. If the back injury leads to long-term complications such as paralysis, it can also include the cost of future medical care. In some cases, compensation can last till your lifetime.

Loss of income or reduced earning capacity

If your back injury incapacitates you to the point that you cannot earn as much as before and cannot earn enough to support yourself in the future, you are entitled to compensation. Your Schaumburg back injury lawyer can determine lost income damages with pay stubs, invoices, and other financial information that can prove the amount of work missed. This includes vacation or sick leaves you used to recover from the back injury.

Factors That Affect Back Injury Settlement Claims

The value of a back injury claim comes down to the following factors:

Type and severity

Spinal cord injuries are usually more severe than other types. Even mild ones can cause debilitating issues. The nature and severity of these injuries will determine the amount of compensation you will get. If yours are severe, you should get more days off to recuperate and potential disability benefits for prolonged periods.

You are unable to work

If your back injury compromises your work performance, the amount you lose will also be included in the value of the compensation payout. The more time you are away from work healing from your injuries, the higher the settlement.

Medical expenses and disabilities

Ongoing and future medical expenses covering your injuries can also factor into the settlement amount. Besides those mentioned above, you can also get compensated for in-home care, medication, and surgeries. If the injury leaves you with a permanent disability, your compensation amount can increase accordingly.

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