How Do You Prove A Slip And Fall Accident Without Witnesses?

If you or someone you know suffered a slip and fall accident, you don’t need witnesses to prove your claim and get compensation. The damages will depend on the circumstances surrounding your accident and the extent of your injuries. This includes the effect they have on your career and personal life. It would be best if you considered hiring Schaumburg slip and fall lawyers to protect your interests and rights.

A slip and fall accident can change your life and result in considerable expenses you may not be able to afford. These falls pose more significant risks to the disabled and the elderly.

How to Prove a Slip and Fall Case without Witnesses

If you slipped and fell but have no witnesses to corroborate your version of events, you can still get the compensation you deserve with these:

Business or Property records

Schaumburg slip and fall lawyers can get these for you if the property owner is uncooperative. The documents will show the maintenance regularity of the property and when it was inspected last. Your lawyer will also ask for copies of these documents along with cleaning logs. It will help them understand whether the manager acted to ensure the location was reasonably safe.


The evidence you collect for your slip and fall claim will confirm the value of your injuries and liability. If someone else's negligence caused your injuries, your Schaumburg slip and fall lawyers might also ask for future damages.

If your condition allows, take as many pictures of the accident scene and your condition as possible. Do this immediately before anyone has a chance to make changes or clean up. For instance, the property owner may clean up ice and sleet that made you slip, or the ice may melt on its own. So even if you cannot secure a witness, the picture will be ample proof.

Medical costs

Medical costs you incur from your slip and fall accident include consultation charges, hospital bills, medication bills, and physical therapy bills. You may also need to pay expert witnesses or your doctor to act as one during a trial. They can provide evidence of future medical expenditures.

Lost Income

The injuries from your slip and fall accident may prevent you from working for a while or ultimately. Some evidence you will need to prove this includes tax returns, invoices, pay stubs, and proof of potential raises or future income. This includes proof of what you could not earn or cannot because of your condition.

Pain and Suffering

Suppose you had to watch as your children graduated without your presence at the ceremony because of your injuries or you missed similar landmark events in your life. In that case, you can also use those as evidence of your pain and suffering. You may need to prove that you took part in such events before your injury to strengthen your case and why you couldn't participate in them post-accident. A personal diary or medical records may help.

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