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How Common is Mesothelioma in Illinois?

Mesothelioma is a severe and often fatal disease caused by asbestos exposure. It is a carcinogenic mineral banned in the US. However, some states, such as Illinois, have higher rates of occupational exposure.

The reason behind these high rates? Several industries and locations in the state are prime spots for the hazardous mineral and expose it to the general public. That is why mesothelioma in Illinois is a serious concern.

How Common is Mesothelioma in Illinois?

Significantly. Illinois has over 30 locations that receive more than 372,700 tons of vermiculite that contains asbestos. The mineral is sourced from Libby, Montana and the locations which are home to processing plants include Quincy, Chicago, Buda, and Calumet City.

This also includes the Waukegan-based Johns-Manville Superfund Site and several places in Madison county where asbestos exposure is highly likely, not only for workers but also for the general public. A mesothelioma lawyer in Schaumburg can help you get the compensation you deserve if you are one of those victims.

It is little wonder why Illinois has become one of the prime spots for mesothelioma cases in the US and, thus, a hotspot for asbestos litigation. That's because the state is powered by several industries ranging from manufacturing and petroleum to timber. Illinois ranks 7th in the country when it comes to asbestos-related deaths.

For a complete list of asbestos-related deaths across Illinois, click here.

Regulating Asbestos in Illinois

Some of the regulatory authorities that are responsible for setting regulations and safety standards that can prevent asbestos exposure include the following:

  • Regulations to control asbestos exposure are set by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Asbestos Unit. The agency is also responsible for enforcing standards for hazardous air pollutants and the evaluation and removal of asbestos from schools.
  • The Illinois Department of Public Health is responsible for evaluating asbestos plans for schools and ensuring that each school is compliant with federal and state laws.

Besides these authorities, employers are also responsible for ensuring that:

  • All workers who manage or handle asbestos have proper training as well as licenses.
  • Contractors who manage abatement projects have the relevant insurance and licenses, and they should be supervised as well.
  • Air samples are evaluated by experts who can determine levels of airborne asbestos in a particular area and whether it is safe for reoccupation post-project conclusion.

If you think you have been exposed to asbestos and have contracted mesothelioma as a result, hire a mesothelioma lawyer in Schaumburg immediately. Chances are, your employer was not as vigilant in ensuring you and your co-workers remained safe from asbestos exposure.

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