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6 Reasons Why Your Dog May Bite Others

As a dog owner in Illinois, ensuring your dog remains obedient and calm can ensure you are not slapped with a hefty fine or worse if your dog bites someone. Millions of dogs are euthanized in the U.S. every year because they bit someone. You do not want your dog to become part of this statistic.

According to Illinois law, a dangerous dog is “any individual dog that is either in its owner’s or custodian’s property that is unleashed, un-muzzled and unattended by the owner.” In other words, it is your responsibility as the owner of your dog to ensure your pet is always restrained or contained.

For example, make sure it is always on a leash while off your property and is within a fenced-off area on your property. If it escapes your property and injures another pet or person, you WILL be held liable.

Why Dogs Bite

Even a seemingly calm dog can bite if provoked – and for any number of reasons. To ensure you are not asked to pay for damages, you should get to know your dog’s triggers. Here are some signs you should be aware of if you are walking your dog or have company over to your home:

  1. A mother dog may protect its puppies if someone gets too close by attacking. Make sure no one can go near a new mom and her puppies for at least a few months.

  2. A dog that is startled awake by someone, especially a child, may attack violently.

  3. A dog that is in a stressful situation may unexpectedly bite. This is especially true for traumatized dogs that have been abused or were living on the street before they were adopted.

  4. A dog in pain due to injury or an illness may not appreciate being approached or touched. Some dogs may attack if they are manhandled.

  5. Anyone who runs away from a dog can provoke a bite as the action can trigger the dog’s hunting instincts.

  6. Even a playful and calm dog can exhibit aggression if it thinks its owner is being threatened or attacked.

By keeping an eye out for these behaviors, you can prevent your dog from attacking other dogs and people and avoid an expensive lawsuit. The best thing to do is to train your dog to be obedient or choose a calmer animal as a companion.

If you have been bitten by a dog or know someone who has been in Schaumburg, IL, get in touch with us at I Am Calling My Lawyer today. We have more than 5 decades of combined experience representing victims in court and can ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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